What are the Different Kinds of Resins we Offer?

We have been serving various plastic products for many years. In this service, we offer different resins that our clients can choose for whichever purpose they want it for the final plastic product. The Lion Best Plastic Industries continues to improve its services as we learn everything that we can from our clients’ feedback. Below are some of the common yet very popular resins that our clients choose.

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PET - Polyethylene Terephthalate

This is one of the most common plastics that you’ll come into almost every day. Depending on how the product is made, PET can either be flexible or rigid. Because of this resin’s molecular construction, it is chemical, weather, and impact resistant and they have great gas and water barrier.

The common uses of PET are bottles for a soft drink, packaging trays, cooking oil bottles, first-aid blankets, trays for frozen ready meals and polar fleece.

High-Density Polyethylene

This particular plastic is very strong because of its density, this is a material solid enough that can tolerate strong chemicals and high temperatures. One of the many reasons that this plastic is used widely is because you can recycle it in various ways, thus it can be converted into various things as well

This is commonly used for containing cleaning solutions and containers for soaps; storage for food and drinks; freezer bags, shopping bags, insulation, vehicle fuel tanks, bottle caps, faux-wood planks, recycled wood and plastic composites; and protective helmets

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